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Fitness Apparel

Look great while exercising with great sportswear

Keeping up your motivation to hit the gym can be tough, but finding little ways to reward yourself can really help. Rather than indulging in your favorite food or buying an expensive gift for yourself, new activewear or fitness apparel is a great way to give yourself a boost while still staying on track toward your fitness goals.

Fitness Apparel

Whether you choose your exercise apparel for practical or stylish reasons, these guidelines can get you started on your choices.

Fitness Apparel for Men

While men do choose their workout apparel for style, practicality is typically the driving force. Different activities require different types of fitness gear:

  • Sportswear. If you're involved in a sport, buying the proper sports equipment can not only keep you motivated, it can also help you improve your performance. If you already have proper equipment, consider indulging in a top-quality piece or an exercise accessory that can help you enjoy your sport even more.
  • Cardio workout wear. Serious runners require serious gear. If you participate in longer races or all-season runs, your fitness gear could include everything from spandex shorts and pants to backpack water bottles, and of course, a great pair of running shoes.
  • Strength training workout wear. If you're into strength training, you're going to need the proper weightlifting attire. From basic cushioning gloves to weightlifting belts and bands, there is plenty of equipment to choose from that can help you enhance your strength training routine.

Fitness Apparel for Women

Women tend to have a different relationship with their exercise clothing than men do. Wearing cute or attractive fitness gear at the gym can help boost their self-confidence while also helping them feel more comfortable as they work out.

To all the women out there thinking of trading in their oversized t-shirts and baggy sweats for some new workout wear, try these great pieces:

  • Sports bras. Yes, you probably own one, but odds are it's not the most comfortable or the most supportive. Key things to look for in a good sports bra are adequate support (look for elasticity and firm fabric rather than underwire) and comfortable, adjustable straps.
  • Yoga wear. Yoga wear isn't strictly for yoga – you can use it for any workout. Typically, yoga pants are a little more form-fitting than most sweatpants, and yoga tank tops and T-shirts are cut to fit curves.
  • Headbands. If you've got long hair, keeping it out of your face can be a challenge during a workout. Colorful headbands with rubber grips can help you keep your hair under control in a fashionable way.
Fitness Apparel