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Mens Running Shoes

What you need to know about mens running shoes

Advances in the technology applied to men's running shoes have resulted in a wide selection of styles from many excellent shoe manufacturers, including the makers of Asics men's running shoes, Brooks men's running shoes and New Balance men's running shoes. It is tempting to become caught up in the newest styles and features, but the critical factor in selecting the best running shoes is their fit.

How to Fit Mens Running Shoes

Running puts a huge amount of stress on the average man's foot—up to 2.5 times his bodyweight at each stride. Thus, a well-fitting and supportive athletic shoe is the key to the ongoing health of the feet.

The first factor to examine when determining the type of running shoe you need is the amount of pronation in your feet. Pronation is your foot's tendency to roll outward or inward as it meets the ground with each stride. If you put more weight on the outside of the foot, this is called underpronation, and you will likely need running shoes with extra cushioning. If, on the other hand, you put more weight on the inside of the foot, you are overpronating and need shoes that offer motion control.

Another important feature in men's running shoes is the construction of the heel of the shoe. The heel should fit snugly, but not so tightly as to cause blisters. Look for carbon heel counters to provide stability in the heel of the shoe. Rubber heel counters can provide extra cushioning in the heel.

Where to Buy Mens Running Shoes

The best way to purchase running shoes is to visit a local store specializing in workout wear or, even better, in athletic footwear particularly. The salespeople there will be experienced in measuring your feet and in suggesting the optimal shoe for your foot type. In addition, they can recommend shoes for other activities in which you participate, such as men's trail running shoes, men's cross-trainers or even men's court shoes if you play tennis or basketball.

While it is usually best to try a pair of running shoes on before buying them, you can purchase men's running shoes from a number of online retailers, many of which offer substantial discounts on top brands. If you choose to purchase men's running shoes online, be sure to check out the policy on exchanges and returns to ensure you'll have recourse if the shoes aren't the right fit for you.

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