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Womens Running Shoes

What you need to know about womens running shoes

Quality running shoes for women are similar in some ways to running shoes made for men, but they are also different in several aspects. Women's running shoes are designed to accommodate the physical differences in the way women run as opposed to men.

The Basics of Womens Running Shoes

One physical difference between men and women is that women have, on average, 15% lower body mass than men who have the the same foot size. This means that shoe manufacturers need to design running shoes for women with more flexibility, since women have less body mass to flex the midsole of the shoe upon toe-off. In addition, women's shoes are generally lower-cut and softer than comparable men's shoes of the same size.

Since women usually have wider hips than men, their running shoes need to be engineered a bit differently to accommodate the wider angle of women's thigh muscles, which results in a greater tendency to under- or overpronate. Shoe manufacturers who recognize this tendency design shoes for women with more support to counter this pronation.

In addition, women's feet are shaped differently than men's feet of the same size. Characteristics differ in the arch, the big toe, and the ball of the foot, in particular. High-quality women's running shoes manufacturers take these differences into account instead of simply making men's running shoes in smaller sizes to sell to women.

How to Buy Running Shoes for Women

The most important consideration when you're buying running shoes is the fit of the shoe—a visit to a specialty running store is an excellent idea, as trained fit specialists at these establishments can measure every aspect of your foot to determine the best shoe for your situation. Shoe and sports stores carry many top-rated brands of running shoes, including Asics women's running shoes, New Balance women's running shoes and Brooks women's running shoes. It's a good idea to shop for running shoes toward the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest size.

While it is helpful to get your foot properly sized and to be able to try on the shoes you're considering buying, don't be afraid to take advantage of deals from online retailers—just be sure to check the policy on returns and exchanges so that you can send the shoes back if they aren't quite right.

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