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Weightlifting Attire

Learn about the benefits of proper weightlifting clothes

To get the most out of your weightlifting workout, be sure to use the proper weightlifting attire and accessories. The best weightlifting gear will help you to optimize the time you invest in your weight-training activities.

Weightlifting Attire

Weightlifting Clothes

In general, the best clothing choices for weightlifting activities are comfortable and nonrestrictive. It is important that your clothes not be so baggy that they could get caught in the equipment, but not be so tight that they restrict the full range of your motion. Look for a happy medium in clothes that fit you well, yet allow for movement.

In addition, your body will heat up over the course of your workout, so you should select clothing that will help keep you cool and can wick away the sweat. Almost all manufacturers of workout clothing produce muscle tee shirts, bench press shirts and other clothing in special fabric blends like Dri-FIT, which combines microfibers and polyester. Dri-FIT is lightweight, doesn't cling to the skin and allows the skin to breathe, which are all important considerations when working out.

As you tone your body and build your muscles, you may want to show off your new form with weightlifting attire that reveals more of your body. Muscle shirts for men and halter-style tops for women are examples of this type of clothing. You work hard for your body, so why not choose weightlifting clothing that complements it?

Weightlifting Footwear and Accessories

Your shoes have a big impact on your workout, especially if you are doing cardiovascular exercise in addition to weight training. Look for supportive and lightweight shoes, and above all, make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. Having to deal with blisters on your feet is not at all conducive to a great workout.

Many weightlifting enthusiasts like wearing weightlifting gloves, which can help to reduce the wear and tear on your hands, especially when you're lifting heavy weights. These gloves can also reduce the buildup of calluses from lifting weights.

Weightlifting straps, usually sold in pairs, can be helpful in exercises such as barbell rows or dead lifts—they are worn on the hands and attach around the bar to increase the strength of the grip.

Weightlifting belts are more important for serious body builders, as they can impede your progress if you are a weightlifting beginner.

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