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Weight Training Gloves

Get a better grip with weight lifting gloves

Weight-lifting gloves are a handy type of weight lifting gear, as they can help to increase the security of your grip on free weights and on the handles of a weight machine. In addition, weight training gloves protect your hands from developing blisters or calluses.

Types of Weight Training Gloves

Weight lifting is good for your body, but it can be rough on your hands, especially if you're lifting heavy weights or textured weight bars. Without gloves, your hands may become rough, irritated or blistered. In addition, most people sweat during their workouts, so a good pair of weight-training gloves can reduce the slipperiness that results.

Most weight-training gloves are designed to cover your palm but leave your fingers exposed. Leather and neoprene are the two main types of material from which weight gloves are made. While leather gloves have been around for decades, most weightlifters like the newer neoprene gloves because they resist the tendency to bunch up and because they have more padding than most leather gloves. Some weight-training gloves are made from nylon—these are lightweight, but can be uncomfortable over time since nylon doesn't breathe well. In addition, nylon gloves can be slippery, which can make it difficult to maintain a good grip on dumbbells and weight bars.

How to Buy Weight Training Gloves

You can purchase a weight-training glove—or, more commonly, a pair of gloves—in almost any sporting goods store. In addition, many online retailers carry an assortment of weight-lifting gloves for sale in a variety of different materials. Some retailers carry unisex gloves, while others offer both men's and women's weight-lifting gloves. Some of the best-known gloves are Harbinger weight-lifting gloves, but there are many other excellent manufacturers, as well.

When choosing weight-training gloves, correct sizing is important, since a glove that fits incorrectly can be detrimental to your workout and can potentially be dangerous, as well. If possible, try the gloves on before purchasing them, and if you order your gloves from a website, make sure they have a return policy in case they do not fit properly.

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