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Workout Wear

Find the best clothing for working out

While it might be tempting to choose your workout wear for style alone, putting some thought into the function and practicality of your gear in relation to your workout can actually help you perform better. In fact, many workout apparel designers are producing lines for specific sports and activities to provide better products for a wider clientele.

Types of Workout Clothing

The type of activity you're interested in will dictate the type of workout gear you buy. Here is a breakdown of gear for three popular activities to help you get started:

  • Yoga wear. Yoga wear is the latest workout fashion trend, but many designs also have practical features as well as stylistic ones. Yoga wear is designed to fit close to the body to prevent any tangling up in excess fabric, but it is also designed to be comfortable, with no pinching elastic or uncomfortable seams.
  • Gym wear. When you're at the gym, whether you're hitting the cardio machines or doing some strength training, remember that all sweats are not created equal. While you may be tempted to cover up in a baggy T-shirt, proper gym shirts should be reasonably form-fitting to prevent the material from catching on the machines. You may also want to look for sweat-wicking fabric, which can help keep you drier during your workout. On your legs, the same rules apply – keep your jogging pants fitted and ensure that the cuffs don't drag on the floor or get caught on your shoes.
  • Running gear. Serious runners need very specific workout attire, especially if they're running outdoors all year long. Running workout clothes should always be sweat-wicking, as fabrics that hold sweat close to the body can cause irritation. It should also be as form-fitting as possible. For winter runners, an insulated stretch running suit will actually be warmer than piling on bulky layers.

Buying Workout Clothing

Workout wear that's designed for a specific activity can often be a little more expensive than your average pair of sweats and a T-shirt. However, the extra cost is usually justifiable when you see how the correct workout wear can actually improve your performance and comfort during your workout.

If you do need to scrimp on the cost, try shopping online for workout wear. You'll get access to a wider selection of merchandise and you'll also be able to do cost comparisons and sale shopping. Just be sure your source has a good return policy, since finding a proper fit can be challenging the first few times you order.

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