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Jogging Pants

Find the right jogging pants for your exercise routine

Jogging pants, sweat pants, fitness pants – call them what you will, finding the perfect pair (or pairs) of comfortable workout pants for the gym can be a challenge. Plus, when it comes to making the choice, you also have to think beyond just style and consider how well the pants will fit into your workout.

What to Look for in Jogging Pants

Before you head straight for the most stylish workout pants on the rack, remember that the perfect pair of sweat pants should always meet these three criteria:

  • A proper fit. When it comes to choosing your workout pants, your first thought should always be about the fit. Even if you have some areas of your lower body that you don't want to call attention to, try to stay away from overly loose jogging pants. The excess fabric can get in the way when you're using workout machines and can also catch on your running shoes when you're using treadmills or stair climbers.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric. They call them sweat pants for a reason – you're going to sweat, and if your pants are made from a material that collects that sweat and keeps it close to your skin (like cotton, for example), it can make for an uncomfortable workout. Instead, try "sweat-wicking" fabric, which is designed to pull the sweat away from your body and keep your skin drier.
  • Comfort. When you're trying on your pants, check to make sure that the waistline doesn't pinch and that there's no uncomfortable riding up (or down) when you move. You may even want to do a few quick stretches in the change room to get a better idea of how the pants will function for your workout.

Jogging Shorts

For some, the quest to find perfect jogging pants actually ends in jogging shorts. Many people find that shorts allow them more flexibility and keep them cooler during workouts. If you're opting for jogging shorts, try these tips to find a great pair:

  • Look at the length. While short-shorts might look cute, when it comes down to it, they may not be the most comfortable or the most practical. All that bare-leg exposure could cause sweaty skin to stick to machine chairs, and a shorter inseam can creep up when you least want it.
  • Look at the fabric. Just like with jogging pants, sweat-wicking fabric is a must for shorts. It will help keep you drier during your workout and will prevent chafing on your legs where the cuffs of the shorts rub.
  • Look at the fit. Baggy shorts might seem more comfortable, but just like baggy gym shirts, they can easily get hooked on workout apparatuses. Many people opt for body-hugging bike shorts at the gym (they're not just for bikers and outdoor runners anymore) as a low-hassle jogging shorts solution.
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