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Womens Fitness Clothing

Learn what to look for in womens fitness wear

The right clothing can go a long way toward making your workout more comfortable and more effective. Research has resulted in advances in womens fitness clothing that can help you to make the most of your workout, whether you find yourself inside or outdoors.

What to Look for in Womens Fitness Clothes

Two of the most important considerations when it comes to workout clothing are fit and comfort. You want your clothing to allow for complete range of movement but not to be so loose as to catch in equipment. Also, since perspiration is usually expected when you are working out, the choice of fabric is important. Look for fabrics that breathe and that wick moisture away from your skin.

Traditionally, many women have worn cotton T-shirts when working out, but advances in women's gym shirts have resulted in synthetic fabrics that are not only breathable but also stylish. Tank tops and halter-style tops are popular choices—not only do they keep you cool, but they also allow you to see your arm and shoulder muscles at work, which can be a great motivator and will help ensure you do the exercises correctly.

A supportive sports bra is a must for underneath your workout shirt. Lycra-blend sports bras are a great choice since Lycra moves with you and does not restrict your range of motion, but also provides the support you need during vigorous activity.

There are many options in women's gym shorts, from spandex shorts to looser basketball-type shorts to longer yoga-style Bermuda shorts. Since there are so many choices in styles, colors, fabrics and lengths, it mostly comes down to what you are comfortable wearing. It's important to have adequate coverage and also to have shorts that don't restrict your movement. For cooler days, sweatpants, tights or yoga pants are all good options that provide additional warmth.

Where to Buy Womens Fitness Clothing

You can choose from a wide range of fitness clothing at your local sporting goods store. In addition, many department stores have a fitness clothing section. Specialty sports stores for women carry women's fitness clothing exclusively and can provide you with individual attention if you need it.

Another great resource for women's fitness clothes is the Internet. You can read reviews of clothing and browse the wares of many manufacturers, all from the comfort of your own home. If you order clothing from online retailers, be sure to read their return policy just in case you need to return an item.

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