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Yoga Wear

Find the right Yoga sportswear for you

Yoga is a centuries-old practice of mind and body fitness that is one of today's fastest-growing exercise activities. It is popular among people of all ages, and you can practice yoga almost anywhere. To get the most out of your yoga practice, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that breathes and that moves when you move.

The Basics of Yoga Clothes

Yoga clothes are almost always produced in flat-knit fabrics, since stretchiness is one of the most important considerations for what you wear when practicing yoga. While some makers of yoga clothes use cotton or cotton blends, high-tech synthetic fabric blends are the more popular choice. These fabric blends keep their shape when stretched, yet do not bind or chafe. In addition, these fabrics allow the skin to breathe and are effective at wicking away moisture.

Yoga tops are often sleeveless for complete freedom of arm movement. Many makers of yoga clothes offer matching lightweight jackets to wear on your way to or from a yoga class. Yoga pants can be full length, capri length or short—it's really a matter of personal preference, as well as the warmth or coolness of the room in which you practice yoga.

There is no such thing as yoga shoes, since yoga is performed barefoot. There are some specialty manufacturers of yoga slippers and yoga toe covers, however. These are used in the place of a yoga mat to provide a nonskid surface and sometimes to provide some cushioning.

Where to Buy Yoga Wear

Many local sporting goods stores offer a selection of yoga gear, which includes yoga clothes, as well as yoga mats, blocks and other accessories. Specialty yoga stores are also becoming more common as yoga continues to grow in popularity—these shops have an excellent selection of both yoga sportswear, which can double as casual clothing, and specialty yoga wear for every level from beginner to advanced.

Online retailers offer many choices in yoga clothing, as well. Some websites offer yoga wear from a number of manufacturers, including well-known names like Prana yoga wear and Lululemon. Once you have found a line that you like and you know your size, it can be very convenient to order yoga wear using the Internet.

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