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Learn more about Keiser fitness equipment

Keiser is a company known primarily for high-end, professional, commercial gym equipment. Its fitness equipment is popular because of the versatility of each machine. However, because the machines require an air compressor to run, Keiser fitness equipment is more popular in commercial gyms than for home use (although Keiser creates lines for both purposes). Keiser equipment is also popular because its versatility makes it usable for a large range of customers, from orthopedic and physical therapy patients to professional athletes. Of course, this versatility is reflected in the price points.

Keiser Fitness Equipment

Keiser fitness equipment uses a patented air-resistance method known as Keiser Pneumatic Technology. More than 100 published studies have shown that this technology provides a safe and effective workout. Unlike weights, which can cause erratic, sometimes dangerous movements when used for resistance, air resistance cannot be too great or unbalanced. Thus, Keiser Pneumatic Technology provides a smooth, safe workout, no matter what speed you're working at. This makes Keiser equipment an especially good choice for those with weaker muscles or joints as a result of either injury or age.

One popular piece of Keiser equipment is a strength-training machine that allows the user to work out with any amount of resistance, at any speed and at almost any angle for maximum results.

Keiser Bikes

The Keiser M3 indoor fitness bicycle is one of the most popular stationary bikes on the market. Using the patented air resistance used in the company's other fitness equipment, the M3 is said to double the intensity of a normal workout on a stationary bike while providing a smoother ride. This is because the bike provides a high amount of resistance with very little inertia and less dependency on gravity than other fitness bikes.

Keiser bikes, like other Keiser fitness equipment, are known for their durability. They are made with corrosive-resistant materials, have a minimally wearing resistance method and require almost no maintenance (due to a frictionless, magnetic breaking system that creates much less wear and tear). The fitness bikes also come with an optional computer and wireless monitor that measures heart rate, trip time, power wattage, trip distance and various other statistics.

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