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Learn more about Nautilus fitness equipment

Nautilus offers a variety of unique workout machines designed to allow users to achieve their individual fitness goals. Most well known for its comprehensive yet compact home gyms, Nautilus provides fitness machines for commercial institutions as well. Nautilus is also an innovator of more traditional fitness equipment for home and commercial use. Nautilus gym equipment—including bikes, ellipticals and free weights— can be found in hotels, gyms and medical facilities across the country.

Nautilus Home Gyms

Nautilus home gym machines usually allow for several different exercises to be performed on a single machine. For instance, Nautilus claims that an infinite number of exercises can be performed on its Freedom Trainer, which features user-defined paths of motion and two overhead machine arms. Nautilus also has a variety of treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals that are designed with the home gym in mind. Most include heart monitors and programmable workouts.

Commercial Nautilus Machines

The Nautilus One line of commercial machines boast a user-friendly dial to control the weight stack, meaning most members won't need to be shown how to switch out weights anymore. Other lines feature personal effects racks, more compact machines for smaller spaces and plate-loaded fitness machines that offer a full range of movement and accurate strength curves.

Nautilus commercial machines are typically devoted to a single function, unlike the multi-purpose Nautilus home gyms, since most commercial spaces have more room to dedicate to fitness. Upper-body strength training machines include the biceps curl, chest press and triceps extension. There is a core machine to target the abdomen and another to target the lower back. Lower-body options in Nautilus machines include hip abductors and adductors, as well as leg extension machines.

Nautilus Free Weights

Nautilus has a comprehensive collection of free weights—as well as cages, towers, benches and racks—to help both the home and commercial user get the most out of their weight-training session. A half-cage provides a solid foundation for the beginning free weight collection while the attachments are for the more serious weight enthusiast.

Nautilus attachments have solid guide rods and range-of-motion adjustments to provide support for repetitious muscle usage. The adjustable pieces don't use pop pins like most adjustable machines but instead use ratcheting mechanisms for safer, more durable equipment.

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