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Learn more about Precor fitness equipment

Precor is part of the Amer Sports Corporation (along with Wilson and other sports equipment companies) and produces home and commercial exercise equipment. Precor exercise equipment includes elliptical fitness cross-trainers, treadmills, cycles, climbers, stretch trainers and strength-training systems.

Precor EFX Ellipticals

Precor EFX ellipticals are used in both home and commercial environments and utilize a single-button quick -start feature that allows the user to begin exercising almost immediately. Precor machines offer either customizable programs or preloaded routes for those who wish to add a little variety to the smooth, low-impact workout an elliptical provides. Precor EFX ellipticals also have an adjustable ramp (called the CrossRamp) that slides up or down to work every major muscle group in the lower body.

Most of the cross-trainers offer convertible arms or moving handlebars to add an upper body workout to your lower-body exercise and cardio, but they're not standard. Also, many cross-trainers for home use also have a media tray that holds a cell phone, mp3 player and water bottle.

Precor Treadmill

Precor treadmills have a suspension system that reduces impact on the joints, allowing for a smoother workout than running outside. Varied programmable workouts are available on all models, and higher-end models have heart rate monitors and allow for multiple user identifications to keep track of your progress.

Precor AMT

The Precor AMT is Precor's premier piece of exercise equipment. It's a combination workout machine that features user-defined, self-powered movement to customize the workout. Depending on how the user is moving, the AMT could function as a stair stepper, an elliptical or a cycle—all of which can be used with contralateral arms to allow a full-body workout. Precor representatives say the machine will never give the same workout twice since users can run, walk, go backwards, move up or down and take long or short strides.

The AMT has a unique monitor called a stride dial that allows the user to watch how each workout affects their body. In addition, the Precor AMT has a touch-controlled display with a heart rate monitor.

Other Precor Exercise Equipment

Precor fitness equipment includes a line of home strength-training equipment that has multiple upper- and lower-body workout options along with a fully adjustable weight system. Precor also has a home and commercial stretch trainer that can be used to warm up before workouts, cool down after workouts and prevent injury.

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