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Star Trac

Learn more about Star Trac fitness equipment

Star Trac creates fitness equipment primarily for commercial customers all over the world, although there is also a Star Trac line for home use. While the focus is on individual machines with user-comfort details, Star Trac also has free weights and racks available for home and commercial use. In addition, the company holds a number of fitness-related patents, including one for the exclusive bikes used for Spinning.

Star Trac Fitness Equipment

Star Trac treadmills, ellipticals and bikes have traditional heart rate monitors and programmable routines on them. But you can also find innovative built-in weight scales or user-controlled fans for superior user comfort. Some models even have viewing devices, magazine racks and armrests. Users will find a host of comfort items on Star Trac cardiovascular machines. Some treadmills have USB device chargers, as well.

The Star Trac elliptical boasts a natural stride path that puts almost no stress on the user's body, making an elliptical's naturally low-impact workout even more comfortable. Some ellipticals even have a self-contained power supply, allowing the user to generate their own power—saving money and electricity.

Star Trac also has a line of Total Body Trainers that combine a cardiovascular workout with a muscle-building routine. With a familiar, ellitpical-like motion and movable arm bars to build strength, the Total Body Trainer burns more calories than a traditional treadmill while also building muscle.

For a user who's primarily concerned about building muscle, Star Trac also has a variety of strength-training machines, including abdominal exercisers and shoulder, back and leg presses. Although less affordable than the home cardio machines, several of the training machines have multiple functions, allowing for better value and more versatility in training regimens.

Star Trac V-Bike

The Star Trac V-Bike Spinner is the exclusive Spinning bike created in conjunction with Mad Dogg Athletics, which maintains the internationally-recognized Spinning fitness program. Because these bikes are typically used as part of a fitness program at a commercial fitness center, Star Trac V-Bikes offer micro adjustments to the handlebars and seats that allow any user to dial their exact requirements and get the most out of their program. A better fit means less stress to the knees and back and fewer injuries. Each bike also has a water bottle holder, so users can replenish the fluids their bound to lose in high-intensity spinning classes.

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