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Fitness Classes

Decide if its time to start taking a fitness class

If you're looking for a fun way to kick up your workouts or to break through a fitness plateau, fitness classes are the best way to do it. They're affordable and can work around any schedule. And, if you're already a member of a gym, you may find that the classes are included as part of your membership, and you'll have free access to a large variety of programs.

What Do Fitness Classes Offer?

If you've ever taken an exercise class, you'll know that they're lead by personal trainers or fitness specialists and are attended by a many people of varying fitness levels. You can find classes at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level, and you can also choose between women's only, men's only and co-ed.

The reason why many people find success through fitness classes is because the group environment can be extremely motivating. Instructors will rev you up with positive yet challenging encouragement, and seeing people work out around you will encourage you to perform at your best.

Another great benefit of fitness classes is that the set schedule makes it difficult to find an excuse not to go. You can plan in advance and work one or two a week into your schedule, and should you miss one of your favorites, you can always try a new class on a different day.

Types of Fitness Classes

There are fitness classes to suit all tastes and physical levels. Depending on your interests and physical conditioning, try these:

  • For the beginner. If you're just getting started with fitness classes, look for classes marked "Beginner." An introductory yoga class or Pilates class is a good choice, or you might try something more aerobic like jazzercise.
  • For the intermediate. If you're experienced with fitness classes and want to take your workout to the next level, look for classes that combine strength training with cardio. Instructors will push you to improve, but there will also be room to work at your own pace and with weight levels you feel comfortable with.
  • For the pro. If you're in great shape already and are looking for an intense, demanding and challenging workout, classes like boxercise, martial arts and kickboxing will satisfy your needs. You can also try an advanced weight training class to tone and condition your muscles.
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