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Aerobics Class

Get your heart pumping with a step aerobics class

Hitting an aerobics class (now often known by its trendy name of "cardio class") is a great way to get exercise, whether you're a beginner or a pro. They're easy to learn and do, yet still provide a high-impact cardio and strength workout. While the term "aerobic" can refer to any activity that speeds up your heart rate and uses your muscles, we typically apply the term to classes where you high-knee, grapevine and side-lunge your way to a slimmer waist line and better muscle tone.

Types of Aerobics Classes

While you can still opt for the basic aerobics classes, done on the floor with no particular pieces of equipment, you might try these fun variations to put a spring in your step – and your workout routine:

  • Step aerobics classes. A step aerobics class will challenge not only your physical strength, but also your coordination. These classes are typically offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level, giving those who are new to the activity a chance to ease in to the various routines and steps. Regardless of your coordination, you can always increase the height of the step for a more challenging workout.
  • Water aerobics classes. Water exercise is a great low-impact cardio workout, especially for people who have stress injuries or any type of joint or back pain. The basic moves done in ordinary aerobics translate well in the water, where the resistance can add an extra boost to your workout. Treading water is also a great way to get your heart rate up.
  • Aerobic dance classes. From jazzercise to more modern R&B-flavored dance classes, you can get a great cardio workout by combining dancing with aerobics. This helps increase your heart rate and tone your muscles, particularly your calves, thighs and glutes.

What's Great About Aerobics?

Aside from their impact to your physical health, aerobics classes are a great way to motivate yourself to get to the gym. Aerobics classes in their various forms are offered at many health facilities on many days and nights of the week, so you should have no trouble fitting one or two into your schedule.

The social atmosphere in these types of classes is another great motivator. Meeting other people with similar goals and interests as yourself can make it easier to look forward to going to the gym. You can even go one step further and bring a buddy to your class with you – between the two of you, you'll have plenty of willpower not to skip.

Finally, you can count on professional aerobics instructors to give you lots of positive reinforcement during the class. While they will be pushing you to test your limits, they will also have plenty of patience and understanding for newcomers who are just learning the sometimes difficult steps and routines.

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