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Dance Class

Get in shape while having fun with dance classes

If you're someone who would rather work up a sweat on the dance floor than at the gym, you might be surprised by how enjoyable an aerobic dance class at the local fitness facility can be. There are so many options to choose from that you can experiment with many of them, improving your repertoire as you improve your physical fitness.

How Aerobic Dance Classes Work

While many dance classes focus purely on traditional steps and techniques, others are designed to be more of a workout, throwing in cardio components to help keep your heart rate up. You may also find that some classes are more like aerobics classes, incorporating a step or even some light mat work in between dance steps.

Some aerobic dance classes may require you to pair up with a partner for portions of the class, like traditional dance classes, but many try to design routines that can be done individually, for the sake of allowing everyone to work at their own pace.

Types of Dance Classes

  • Salsa dance classes. If you like dances with a dramatic flair, you'll love salsa dance classes. You can skip the heels and fancy dresses until you're ready to take your moves to the dance floor. You'll need workout wear for these classes that combine cardio with classic salsa dance moves.
  • Hip hop dance classes. Whether you're doing the Harlem shake or you're trying your hand at popping and gliding, you'll be surprised at how many muscles are worked during a hip hop dance class. It's also a great cardio workout, raising your heart rate as you practice new and more complex routines.
  • Belly dancing classes. Want great abs? A belly dancing class not only helps you tone your abdominals, it also helps you get in touch with your body to improve flexibility, fluidity and control.
  • Pole dancing classes. Pole dancing classes are the hot class to take at many fitness facilities. Explore your sexy side while working your muscles with this fun, racy class!

If you like the idea of dance classes but aren't ready to show your moves to a room full of people, there are many dance class DVDs that are perfect for those with home gyms or enough space to bust a move.

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