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Home Gyms

Get the facts on starting your own home gym

There are many good reasons to avoid going to the gym – you've worked late, you're exhausted, you can't leave the kids, the list goes on. If one of these sounds familiar or if you're simply not the type to throw on your running shoes and head over to the local fitness facility, a home gym just might be the ticket for helping you achieve your personal fitness goals and maintain your overall health.

Home Gyms

While building a home gym may seem like a big undertaking (not only financially but also from a space perspective), there are many exercise equipment options on the market, so you'll have no trouble finding pieces that suit your budget, your room dimensions and most importantly, your fitness needs. If you're not up to choosing individual pieces of equipment, home gym systems offer everything you need. You can also consult a fitness trainer or equipment professional for advice.

Must-Haves for Home Gyms

While the exact equipment you'll have in your gym will depend on your workout goals, the best home gym will always have these items:

  • Cardio equipment. Whether you choose an elliptical trainer, treadmill or stationary bike, having one piece of cardio equipment at a minimum is a benchmark for your home gym.
  • Strength training equipment. This can include something as simple as a set of dumbbells or as complex as a stack home gym unit. If you're concerned about saving space but want something more than free weights, single-stack home gyms are a good way to get several strength training equipment options in one streamlined apparatus.
  • Exercise balls. These might look like a lot of fun, but you'll quickly find that exercise balls are a grueling way to test and strengthen your core muscles.
  • Exercise mats. While fitness equipment is great, getting down on the floor and using your own body weight as resistance is another good way to build muscle. In this case, you'll want exercise mats to ease the stress on your joints.

Remember, while furnishing a home gym may seem expensive, it's a long-term investment in your health. Having access to fitness equipment in the comfort of your home can save you the cost of a gym membership and save you on the many hassles that prevent you from going to the gym. With easy access to fitness equipment you enjoy using, you'll have no trouble staying on track in achieving your personal health goals.

Home Gyms