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Workout Routines

Learn how to create a workout routine to achieve your fitness goals

Signing up for the gym might be step one in achieving your personal fitness goal, but if you want to achieve your results, step two should always be creating a series of strategized workout routines. A personal trainer can help you with your exercise plans, but there are also plenty of free workout routines available online. With just a few pieces of information, you can find a plan that works best for your current fitness level and your ultimate fitness goals.

Workout Routines

Workout Routines for Women

Many women who join gyms are typically looking to do one thing: slim down. For this reason, a lot of women forego weight training, thinking that it will cause them to bulk up. The truth is, weight training plays an integral role in losing weight, as you'll continue to burn fat long after the workout is over. To avoid the fear of bulk, many personal trainers recommend women do more reps with lighter weights, which provides great muscle tone without adding bigger muscles.

While it's best not to ignore strength training, a good cardio workout will also get the pounds and inches to fly off. If running isn't your style, try an elliptical machine or taking a cycling class; they're just as effective, and have the bonus of toning your glutes.

Finally, a common myth that many women fall prey to in their workouts is that you can lose weight in particular areas just by working specific muscles – they'll chain themselves to an abdominal workout solely, for example, but never see the desired results in their stomachs. This is because it isn't actually possible to lose weight in one specific area. A well-rounded workout that combines cardio and strength training is the key to losing weight and building muscle, and you'll see the results all over, rather than just in one specific area. The only way to have targeted weight loss is through surgery, such as liposuction.

Workout Routines for Men

Contrary to women, men typically look to build lots of muscle when they work out. A man's workout routine should certainly include plenty of weight training, and should focus on testing their strength with much heavier weight, even if it's for fewer reps. Incorporating variety into the routine, for example using a combination of dumbbells, cables and machines, and performing supersets, which involves working opposite muscle groups with little to no rest in between sets, can help men tone and build muscle fast.

Just like women, however, men should also include plenty of cardio into their workout routines. Interval training – or alternating high-intensity and low-intensity exercises – can help get your heart rate up quickly and keep you burning fat all day long. Intervals are effective for both men and women.

Workout Routines