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Resistance Training

Learn about building strength through resistance

Resistance training is a new workout buzz word, but is quickly becoming a popular trend with those who want to add diversity to their workouts while still working toward their fitness goals. If you haven't heard of resistance training yet, it's worth reading up on.

The definition of resistance training exercise is the use of elastic or hydraulic tension to help increase muscle strength and endurance. Not only does it help you build and tone your muscles, it can also help you increase bone mass. There are various ways you can try resistance training, including hydraulic machines as well as simple exercise accessories that work off the power of resistance.

Resistance Training Programs

Since the difficulty of a resistance machine is determined by the user, a resistance training program is great for newcomers or those who are recovering from injuries. Resistance equipment is also perfect for circuit training, where individuals will move between pieces of fitness equipment quickly, and will only spend short blasts on each apparatus.

On the downside, there often comes a point when resistance training is no longer effective. Your body, once it builds enough strength, can overcome the maximum tension these machines can create, whereas a weight machine will always allow you to add more weight and more challenge to your strength training workout.

If you're a little more experienced in the gym, a good tip for you is to use resistance training to diversify your workout. Often, you'll use slightly different muscles on these machines, so occasionally throwing them in can help give your ordinary workout routine a boost.

Resistance Training Equipment

If you're working out at the gym, you'll probably see a few machines that work using resistance rather than weight plates. These might include the preacher curl machine, a squat machine and many more. If your gym incorporates any type of circuit training, nearly all the machines in that area will work using resistance as well.

For those with home gyms, you can incorporate resistance training using resistance bands. These handy exercise accessories are available in a number of stiffness levels and thicknesses to help you increase your strength over time. Resistance band training also helps you work a variety of muscle groups, from arms to legs and even your core.

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